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Miss Pain

fuckfreak.com Welcome to my dungeon SLAVE! I am your bitch goddess and an expert dominatrix who was taught the black arts in the provinces of France and the whorehouses of New Orleans. From a young age I learned that Women are the Supreme Sex and that any pathetic wretch of a man would do I'll bitch slap you good! my bidding once firmly under my control. Of course the hardest thing for any slave to endure is the absence of his Master. You WILL whimper and moan for my attention but locked in your cage and wallowing in your own filth you will come to understand your proper place and my role as She Who Is Giver of LIFE! I am an expert in all forms of immobilization and control. I would love to see your ass bent over with your head and arms locked fast in the stocks. The rough wood cuttting into your soft flesh as you howl, sweat and struggle against the bonds knowing that there is NO ESCAPE from my desire! Miss Pain is absolutely one of our favorite bdsm and sites on the web.
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In between orgasms I would miss pain be still and gentle letting her rest some before taking her again. In those times I contented myself with kissing her softly, and trailing my fingers over her slit and through the soft curls of her hair. I continued to do this until she pulled back slightly, I had nearly fallen asleep lying there resting. I crawled up beside her miss pain and fell asleep listening to her deep even breathing. For thee last few years, I've been harassing my wife to fuck someone else for me so I can enjoy miss pain her sloppy wet pussy. You see Linda and I have been married for 15 years now and though she has kept herself in very good shape, our sex life has not been real miss pain exciting. I love giving oral sex, it is such a beautiful site, my lady tastes great, and I love making her squirm around until she can no longer take it and grinds her pussy into my face soaking me. Anyway, she's on her back and she has her legs pulled up to chest level and spread wide, I have access to everything and slowly lick her from her little pink rosebud to her clitty. A few long strokes like this and she is starting to vibrate, so I start concentrating my tongue on her clitty. Sometimes circling it, back and forth, side to side, but always increasing the speed and pressure of my tongue. Soon she is gasping for air and her legs are vibrating, miss pain pussy juice is flowing freely from her wide spread lips.

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