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Miss Pain

fuckfreak.com Welcome to my dungeon SLAVE! I am your bitch goddess and an expert dominatrix who was taught the black arts in the provinces of France and the whorehouses of New Orleans. From a young age I learned that Women are the Supreme Sex and that any pathetic wretch of a man would do I'll bitch slap you good! my bidding once firmly under my control. Of course the hardest thing for any slave to endure is the absence of his Master. You WILL whimper and moan for my attention but locked in your cage and wallowing in your own filth you will come to understand your proper place and my role as She Who Is Giver of LIFE! I am an expert in all forms of immobilization and control. I would love to see your ass bent over with your head and arms locked fast in the stocks. The rough wood cuttting into your soft flesh as you howl, sweat and struggle against the bonds knowing that there is NO ESCAPE from my desire! Miss Pain is absolutely one of our favorite bdsm and sites on the web.
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I spread her miss pain pussy lips and licked passionately, moaning against the burning, soaking flesh as she mirrored my miss pain actions. The pleasure was growing and building, reaching that shattering pinnacle. My whole body was miss pain on fire. "I'm going to cum," I stammered into her, sucking harder. "Me too," she cried. "Soon." I wasn't going to let myself go until she did. I pulled back from her tongue a bit, holding until I heard her moans turn to screams, and we miss pain came in a smooth, drunken, hot unconsciousness. She scooted up next miss pain to me, playing with my hair. We both lay with our heads in our hands, smiling at my boyfriend, who had stripped down to his boxers. A string of cum trickled down his pants, thrown on the floor. I was trying to be careful not to let anyone else see what I was doing. After about 45 minutes of looking, she picked this one large dildo. I didn't think they made them that big. It was 16" long and really thick. I was reading the package along with her and had forgotten that I had my hand under her skirt showing her ass. About that time I heard a voice say, "Looks like ya'll found something you like. "I quickly moved my hand and we acted like we didn't hear him. He stood right there with us and said, "No need to get embarrassed, he has seen people do this stuff all the time in here." He stood there and talked with us for quite some miss pain time. He was very friendly, well mannered person.

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